This is a list of question we really get asked a lot and some answers to these questions.

  1. Can I have OwnTracks not publish location for a specific period of time?

    set to manual

  2. How can I restart OwnTracks?

  3. I've moved, but OwnTracks is not reporting my location

  4. How do I enable region monitoring? (Waypoints)

  5. I'm sure I've moved into (or out of) a region, but OwnTracks isn't reporting that.

  6. Why are transition events delayed?

  7. How can I increase reporting frequency and does that have any negative impact?

    battery, data plan

  8. I have a question

    We love questions. Well, sometimes. :-) If you want to ask us a question or desire feedback from other OwnTracks users, visit us at the OwnTracks meta tracker.

  9. How can I report an issue? If you think you've found a bug, please report it on our respective [android] or [ios] issue tracker on Github.