Quicksetup Extras#

There are some additional features of Quicksetup we describe here.


During bootstrapping quicksetup creates a user for the MQTT broker with additional permissions. Specifically, the user _lr is permitted to publish in owntracks/#: the idea is that this user can, for instance, be used to clear other users' OwnTracks topics, etc.

The password for this user is randomly generated and stored in a file in the userdata directory. The following invocation can be used from the command line:

$ mosquitto_pub -u _lr -P "$(cat /usr/local/owntracks/userdata/.lr.pw)" ...


  • in /usr/local/owntracks/userdata

    • .lr.pw is a file containing the password for the MQTT user _lr that is permitted to publish to owntracks/#
    • htpasswd is a file containing hashed passwords for logging into your OwnTracks web site; each user has such a password which matches the random password generated for MQTT
    • recorder.pw is a file containing a password with which the Recorder connects to your MQTT broker.
    • *.pass are the generated (or set) passwords for users you configured in configuration.yaml
    • *.otrc are the generated otrc files for users configured in configuration.yaml.
  • in /usr/local/owntracks/lego

    • are configuration files created / generated by lego, the Let's Encrypt enroller/renewer
  • in /usr/local/owntracks/tls

    • contain TLS keys and certificate for your configured dns_domain
  • in /usr/local/owntracks/ansible
    • is where bootstrap.sh installed Ansible, which is used by the bootstrapper