iOS / Android compared#

Our OwnTracks apps try to be on par in terms of features, but there are differences. This table lists the main features, and specifics for Android and iOS are documented.

Feature iOS Android
MQTT mode Y Y
HTTP mode Y Y
Location reporting Y Y
TLS with system certificate Y Y
Plain connections (no TLS) Y Y
Username/password authentication Y Y
Reconnection to broker Y Y
Automatic PUB after move Y Y
Automatic PUB after time Y Y
Button for manual publish Y Y
Move mode Y Y
Map with TID markers Y Y
Support for CARD on map Y Y
Reverse geocoding on map Y Y
Use of external geocoders (OpenCage) Y
Accuracy of last-known loc Y Y
Friends list Y Y
Geofencing (a.k.a. Regions) Y Y
Transition events (enter / leave) Y Y
Location data (payload) published as JSON Y Y
iBeacons Y
Step-counting, a.k.a pedometer Y
Barometric pressure in location payloads Y
Payload encryption Y Y
Submit Points of Interest (POI) Y
On-device Tour configuration Y
Popup an info tab on command Y
Debugging with on-device logs Y Y
Supports POSTing to Traccar Y Y
Configurable settings Y Y
Configuration editor Y
Remote and URL configuration Y Y
Configuration via QR code Y