Alexander Rust created the first proof-of-concept for the Android app which started out under the very geeky name MQTTitude, a term coined from our use of MQTT and the then obsolete Latitude app, which Google took out of service in 2013. Andrew Rowson then took over and now maintains the Android app.

Only a few days later, Christoph Krey implemented a rough prototype on iOS, and didn't stop implementing new and exciting features on the iOS version of OwnTracks until his coffee machine burned out.

Jan-Piet Mens had the original crazy idea of combining location updates and MQTT and tries to keep abreast on what Christoph and Alexander do. As Ben once said: "JP just sits back and cracks the whips". So these three could be called the "core team", if we were in the market for cool-sounding titles.

Incidentally, Ben Jones, who works closely with us, has given us loads of invaluable feedback and he's the chap who created the mqttitude binding for the wonderful openHAB Home Automation project.

Linus Groh created the OwnTracks Frontend which you'll definitely want to use, and we install it by default during quicksetup.


Many fine people have assisted us, be it by testing, by contributing bits of code, documentation, or translations, or just by complaining loudly, and we want to acknowledge the following contributions. (If you think your name should be on this list, tell us, or forever hold your peace. :-)