QR codes

To configure iBeacons in the OwnTracks for iOS app, you can use QR codes with specially-constructed URLs to configure the app. The QR codes can be scanned from the settings tab within the app, or the specially crafted URL can be opened from mobile Safari.

iOS settings

Alternatively, you can use an external QR reader app (such as Qrafter) or, even easier, you provide the URL and view it through the device's mobile Web browser.


QR codes can be prepared with a number of tools: there are online offerings, and there is a standalone C program by the name of qrencode which works very well:

qrencode -l H -v 10 -d 300 -o mybeacon.png 'owntracks:///beacon?name=MyBeacon&uuid=12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789A&major=2&minor=1'

iBeacon QR URL

  • scheme = owntracks
  • host = <empty>
  • path = /beacon
  • query = name=<name>&uuid=<uuid>&major=<major>&minor=<minor>

major and minor are optional



beacon QR